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We're changing invoice finance

MarketInvoice is offering a new type of invoice finance, built for savvy growing businesses.

Our online platform gives clients access to funds in outstanding invoices, otherwise tied up for between 30 to 120 days.

We’re entirely different to traditional factoring. Businesses can sign up online, sell an invoice and draw down funds on the same day. There are no contracts, hidden fees or personal guarantees.

We launched in 2011 and we’ve already helped hundreds of growing companies overcome their fluctuating cashflow. Over £200m has been funded already. Our clients use the finance raised to launch new products, hire more staff and expand internationally.

A global pool of sophisticated investors fund the invoices on the platform, and as of August 2013 the UK Government began buying invoices as part of the British Business Bank initiative.

MarketInvoice is a member of the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA), the industry association that represents online debt-based alternative finance companies.

Our Mission

We're passionate about making the world of finance more efficient and transparent.

At MarketInvoice we provide businesses with smart working capital solutions that help drive them forwards.

some of our awards

Our founders have also won the Startups.co.uk 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' award (2013) and the FSB's 'Young Business Person of the Year' (2013)

Anil Stocker


Anil co-founded MarketInvoice in 2011. 

He now oversees business development, marketing, brand, hiring and culture.

Ilya Kondrashov


Ilya joined Anil at MarketInvoice in 2011.

His goal is to ensure a smooth operation of the business on a day-to-day basis with direct oversight of risk, product and operations teams at MarketInvoice.

Quotes from the press

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