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BBC News 24 - The Bottom Line

MarketInvoice discusses alternative finance on the BBC's 'The Bottom Line with Evan Davis'
Watch the programme online, or listen to it here.
MarketInvoice wins City AM's 'Innovation of the Year' 2012 Award

BBC News 24 - The Bottom Line

MarketInvoice discusses alternative finance on the BBC's 'The Bottom Line with Evan Davis'
Watch the programme online, or listen to it here.
MarketInvoice wins City AM's 'Innovation of the Year' 2012 Award
MarketInvoice presents at the ACCA Alternative Finance Conference 2013
Anil Stocker, co-founder of MarketInvoice, discusses innovation in financial services on Sky News
Xavier Rolet, head of the LSE, explains why bank lending is not the right tool for funding SMEs
MarketInvoice co-founder Anil Stocker speaking on Jeff Randall Live on Sky News
Alternatives to Traditional Business Funding: Chuka Umunna Keynote Speech
Alternatives to Traditional Business Funding: Anil Stocker's Presentation on MarketInvoice
Alternatives to Traditional Business Funding: Panel discussion and Q&A session
"Small businesses can take advantage of the low borrowing rates in a new government scheme called 'Funding for Lending.' It works on the principle that the UK Government can borrow much more cheaply than small and medium sized companies, so in troubled times like now the Government should pass on the benefit of that lower borrowing cost to keep businesses afloat, that otherwise might not be able to." - BBC Radio 4, 1st August 2012 Listen to the coverage
The government has announced that as part of the Business Finance Partnership’s £500 million fund for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), £100 million will be distributed to alternative finance lenders. MarketInvoice will be applying for £30 million of government funding to go direct to SMEs." - BBC Radio 4, 31st May 2012 Listen to the coverage
This morning's Breedon Report from the Government commissioned task force says small businesses should be looking at alternative ways of raising money. [...] The task force will unveil plans to set up a business finance advice network, more business to business lending and establishing a single body to bundle up and sell on small business loans and it's also calling on bigger firms to help out the smaller ones by paying for services more quickly.” - BBC Radio 4, 16th March 2012 Listen to the coverage
Anyone with a business will know just how hard it is at the moment to borrow money from a bank. Well, one way round that is to consider one of the many forms of alternative funding. Today saw the launch of an umbrella group of these called the Next Generation Finance Consortium.” - Simon Mayo Drivetime, BBC Radio 2, 8th March 2012 Listen to the coverage
"Late payment is a lethal thing for small businesses, even ones that appear to be quite healthy financially. [...] In tough economic times like these, people take longer to pay their bills because that is their way of protecting their own cash." - On the Money – Declan Curry, BBC Radio 5 Live, 31st July 2011 Listen to the coverage
The Daily Telegraph

Fledgling UK companies that survived the recession are now starting to expand into the next generation of British businesses, with a 30 per cent increase in the number of minnow companies showing growth since July.

Two thirds of businesses with a turnover between £50,000 and £1m show growth, up from slightly more than half of small UK businesses six months ago.

Anil Stocker, co-founder of MarketInvoice, which loans UK businesses capital tied up in their invoices, said that the company saw a rise in the number of businesses with a £1m turnover applying for funding in the latter half of 2013.

He said: “They’re definitely using us more, relying on us, they’re using us frequently. On average, the active small businesses that are using us, use us ten to 12 times a year.

The Daily Telegraph, 7th January 2014. Read the article online
The Mail on Sunday

Market Invoice, the online platform where businesses can auction off their unpaid bills, has seen sales through its service reach £100million.

The site was set up in 2011 to help small firms looking to raise capital quickly. It has since grown rapidly, with £65million worth of invoices sold this year alone.

While the platform has proved a huge hit with smaller firms struggling to access bank finance and hampered by slow paying customers, it is also increasingly popular with investors.

More than 2,000 transactions have been carried out, with an average sale of £100,000 and the largest for £1million.

So far all of the invoices have been funded in full, many within seconds of going live. Investors earn 1 per cent for invoices settled within 30 days, but many reinvest funds earning them up to to 10 per cent a year.

The Mail on Sunday, 21st December 2013. Read the article online
Three lenders are to get access to £30m of government funds to boost the funding of small businesses. They will share a pot of money aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs),according to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. By attracting money from private investors as well, the pool of credit available will rise to more than £70m. Business Secretary Vince Cable said it was an “important boost for non-traditional lenders”. The three lenders are MarketInvoice, URICA and Beechbrook Capital. The money comes from the small business tranche of the Business Finance Partnership, through which the government has committed to provide £100m of funding to diversify the sources of finance available to SMEs.
BBC, 22nd March 2013. Read the article online
The Economist
MarketInvoice is a start-up that runs an electronic marketplace in which small firms sell their unpaid invoices to investors at a discount. This lets credit-starved businesses get hold of cash faster than they otherwise would, and gives the buyers a return on the invoices they snapped up. Small firms have received £40m ($64m) via MarketInvoice since it was launched in 2011. Anil Stocker, an ex-Lehman banker and one of the firm’s founders, says his big problem is controlling growth, so as to maintain the quality of the invoices.
The Economist, 15th December 2012. Read the article online