How it works

MarketInvoice is revolutionising the way UK businesses manage their cash flow. By allowing companies to flexibly and quickly access the cash tied up in their invoices, MarketInvoice enables businesses to take control of their finances, and grow their top-line revenues. The process is simple:

  1. Apply via our online application form and become a registered seller on MarketInvoice.
  2. Nominate your core blue-chip customers, and select invoices that you wish to raise finance against.
  3. Our pool of professional investors buy your invoices instantly at highly competitive rates.
  4. Funds are advanced into your account immediately, usually within 48 hours of uploading the invoice.
  5. When your customer pays the invoice, you refund the advance plus fees, any remaining funds are transferred back to you.


For information on how our service has helped some of our users, check out our case studies page.


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