White papers: best practice working capital management

Marketinvoice Working Capital Analytics publish a series of white papers aimed at small/medium sized enterprise owners to help them learn more about best practice working capital management. Please find the latest series below:

The evolution of small business funding in the UK

CEOs and CFOs of small & medium enterprises (“SMEs”) in the UK have seen a retrenchment of their financing options. Banks are unwilling to offer overdrafts whilst alternative options such as factoring and discounting suffer from serious drawbacks. Increasingly however, new and innovative technology-based solutions offer SMEs the chance to re-take control of their cash flow management.

Flexible financing for fluctuating cash flows

A defining feature of small/medium businesses in the UK is the volatility of their monthly cash flows. Traditional factoring can be ill-suited to these cash flow fluctuations: minimum monthly fees penalise companies in months they do not need to draw down on funds. This white paper analyses how a flexible selective invoice discounting strategy can help your business save money.

Cash flow solutions for the recruitment industry

Recruitment companies in the UK face crucial challenges regarding their cash flow management. The lag between contractor paydays and customer billing creates a liquidity gap that is accentuated by the industry’s susceptibility to seasonality and uncertainty. With bank finance scarce and traditional sources of invoice finance expensive and constrictive, increasingly small & midsize recruitment firms are seeking alternative forms of financing to re-take control of their working capital.

Competitive selective invoice finance

Marketinvoice aims to institutionalise single invoice finance in one [[invoice marketplace|centralised marketplace]], unleashing the power of the market to drive competitive pricing and empower small business.