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Contact our press team on 0203 757 8420 or press@marketinvoice.com

Press notes

What is MarketInvoice?

An online platform where businesses can selectively sell outstanding invoices to a pool of investors.

Why do businesses use MarketInvoice?

To release funds tied up in invoices. This finance is typically used to smooth cashflow and to fund growth projects.

Which businesses use MarketInvoice?

Any business with revenues of more than £100,000 with invoices owed by blue chip debtors.

How quickly can businesses access funds with MarketInvoice?

The vast majority of clients draw down funds within 24 hours.

How much funding can a business get?

There's no set limit, although funding must correspond to outstanding invoices. Our biggest invoices traded have been over £1m.

Where has MarketInvoice been featured in the press?

You can see a list of significant press mentions here.

Times appear to be changing - and new and old worlds colliding. MarketInvoice, set up by former investment bankers, is an online invoice financing platform that has grown rapidly since it was created in 2011
The Times, February 2014

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Key Stats

  • Over £240m invoices traded since launching in February 2011
  • £140m invoices traded year-to-date
  • Net annualised yield* for investors (average year-to-date): 12.56%
  • Default rate** since inception / year-to-date: 1.09% / 0.24%
  • Crystallised loss rate** since inception / year-to-date: 0.02% / 0.00%

Industry Stats

  • According to ABFA, at any one time in the UK there is £13bn advanced in invoice finance at any one time
  • Over 40,000 UK businesses use some form of invoice finance

* Net of MarketInvoice Investor Fee and losses. Assuming MarketInvoice Investor Fee of 20%

** Default rate includes on-going disputes over payment. Our crystallised loss rate reflects the percentage of invested finances where there has been non-payment that is no longer being disputed.

some of our awards

Our founders have also won Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 at Startups UK and Young Business Person of the Year 2013 at the FSB London Business Awards


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